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Each dental exam performed at Bethaney B. Brenner, DMD, LLC is designed to monitor and address all the facets of maintaining a healthy mouth. This includes a meticulous dental cleaning to remove hardened tartar and surface stains. If you have significant stains on your teeth, Dr. Bethaney B. Brenner might recommend having a dental bleaching treatment performed.

The potent whitening agents and professional techniques she uses are the safest and most effective method for removing stains that have set deep into the tooth enamel. With your white smile fully restored, Dr. Bethaney B. Brenner will help you understand the methods needed to prevent future stains from occurring.

This typically involves cutting back on dark beverages and certain foods as well as tobacco. At the same time, you might want to also try using whitening strips that have earned the American Dental Association’s approval.

Using whitening strips can be a convenient way of removing surface stains while you go about your day. While you wear them, the casual observer can’t even notice they’re in your mouth. While they’re in your mouth, you should not eat, drink, chew gum or use tobacco products.

Before you purchase any brand of whitening strips, you should look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This logo printed on the packaging signifies that the product and its active ingredients have been researched for safe oral use.

If you live in the Burlington, Connecticut, area and you want to find the safest, most effective way to whiten your smile, you should call 860-673-7155 to schedule an appointment with Bethaney B. Brenner, DMD, LLC.