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Stains on your teeth can leave you feeling socially awkward. When surface stains aren’t removed from the teeth on a regular basis, they can start to penetrate deep into the tooth enamel. These stubborn stains often need a professional dental bleaching to remove them. So, preventing stains from setting in is paramount to maintaining a white and confident smile.

One convenient way to do this is to periodically apply whitening strips to the teeth in your smile. The topical form of hydrogen peroxide in the strips can effectively counter minor surface stains. The clear, plastic strips also make it hard for the casual observer to notice you’re wearing them. Just be sure to avoid eating or drinking while you’re wearing the strips.

The net effect will help you maintain your bright, white smile between regular dental checkup and cleaning appointments. This will save you from having to have whitening treatments performed frequently.

At the same time, it might be a good idea to think about certain dark foods and drinks that cause staining problems. Cutting back on these foods or drinking dark beverages through a straw can go a long way toward preventing a stained smile.

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