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The question is often asked if acidic foods can harm your teeth. The answer is yes, which is why dental erosion prevention is so important. Harmful sugars in foods and drinks can be converted into acids that cause dental erosion, and substances with low pH can have the same damaging effect to your tooth enamel. As a result, dental erosion prevention is needed.

Even though foods are much more likely to have a low pH and high acidity, drinks can be acidic too. Try to beware of what you are putting into your body as the products you consume can do damage to your oral health and your physical health.

If you cannot control which highly acidic substances and ingredients are in your diet, do your best to prevent any damage they could do. Focus on eating foods that may have high acidity only during meal time, as large meals have a better chance of neutralizing the hazardous effects of the acids. Another wonderful treatment technique to help neutralize acids in your mouth is by chewing sugarless gum. Studies have been done to show that an increase in saliva via chewy products such as sugarless can be used to neutralize acids.

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