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Did you know that your tongue could give you a few hints about your overall health? Have you heard that certain medical conditions could actually change the color of your tongue? In fact, if your tongue is discolored, you could be dealing with a number of serious issues.

For example, a white tongue could be a sign of a condition known as leukoplakia. While leukoplakia isn’t actually dangerous, it can be a sign of cancer forming. This disease may actually be caused by using tobacco products. A white tongue can also be a sign of oral thrush, which is a yeast infection that can be treated by eating plain yogurt or medication.

Similarly, if your tongue is a bright red or pink, you could have a vitamin deficiency. Usually, people who have this issue have a vitamin B-12 deficiency. If your tongue is bright red and you have a fever, we recommend contacting your doctor right away because these are signs of scarlet fever. If a child under five has these symptoms, they could have the Kawasaki syndrome, which you should address as quickly as possible.

Would you be surprised to learn that your tongue could also turn black? While this sounds horrible, it’s usually a harmless issue known as black hairy tongue—which essentially happens when bacteria attach themselves to the small bumps on your tongue. You can usually avoid this problem by practicing good oral hygiene.

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