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Several tooth hazards exist in our society to put your smile in harm’s way. Due to the various risks associated with tooth hazards, always establish a treatment plan to help lower the risks that could damage your smile. The more you do to help keep your smile out of reach of potential oral accidents and injuries, the greater the chance you have for surviving decades with your natural, healthy teeth intact.

If you routinely suffer from tooth hazard risks associated with oral accidents or injuries, you may want to consider the use of treatments to help protect your smile. By wearing mouth guards or other forms of safety equipment, you can lessen the damage incurred by oral accidents or injuries or strikes and blows to your face. By protecting your smile, you can add decades to the life of your teeth.

Your teeth are never to be used as tools for anything other than chewing through food, but individuals often use them to chew through several products that can easily chip and crack your teeth. Your smile can be damaged by trying to bite through inedible products. Be aware of chewing on ice, cough drops, or any other potential substances in your diet that can easily damage your teeth. Furthermore, never chew on inedible products such as pens or pens caps as it slowly wears down your tooth enamel. Furthermore, bad habits such as chewing on your nails can cause the same problems to your teeth.

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