We encourage you to browse our reviews to learn what our patients experience when they visit our dental office in Burlington, Connecticut. Dr. Bethaney B. Brenner offers gentle, excellent dental care to each patient. Beyond that, we truly care for our patients on an individual level. We welcome you to contact our dental office today to learn more and to schedule your next appointment with our dentist.

“I decided to utilize Dr. Brenner after researching several practices in the area. I had been using the same practice for several years and became skeptical when I continued to have the same dental problems over and over. Upon entering Dr. Brenner’s office I was greeted by warm and friendly personnel, a good start! Dr. Brenner quickly diagnosed my issues, and explained all the alternatives! Since Dr. Brenner’s treatment, I have had no tooth discomfort at all for the past year and a half.”
T.M.D. Harwinton, CT

“Dr. Brenner is a wonderful dentist who has made a big difference in my dental health. She is very compassionate about her patients and their needs. Her staff is great, very helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend Dr. Brenner! She’s great!!”
D.M. Canton, CT

“Dr. Brenner has been my dentist for the last 26 years. My children have grown up with Dr. Brenner. She has taken care of all their growing up teeth problems. I appreciate her office always being clean and sanitary. I find that she always strives for perfection in all the work she has done on my teeth. I always feel confident that she has my best interest in mind.”
A.H. Burlington, CT

“I have been coming to Dr. Brenner for all my dental needs for 20 plus years. I have found Dr. Brenner and her dental team to be very helpful and professional no matter what the dental situation was. From cleaning to dental caps, I have always been very satisfied with the work I have received. I would recommend Dr. Brenner’s dental team to anyone, they are the best.”
V.J.M. Collinsville, CT

“I have been with Dr. Brenner for over 26 years and have to say that if we had not found her I would have lost my teeth years ago. After suffering from a childhood of bad, scary, and painful dentistry, I was extremely nervous about going to see Dr. Brenner. However, she has done a wonderful job of turning things around in a calm caring atmosphere, with absolutely no pain ever! We are very happy with Dr. Brenner and her wonderful staff.”
W.B. Burlington, CT

“I have been seeing Dr. Brenner for the care of my teeth for 25 years. She has assessed the condition of my teeth and provided the best in dental care. I trust her professional judgment implicitly, and I am thankful that my teeth are in good condition. My wife and son also receive their dental care with Dr. Brenner. We drive about 25 miles to her office because the treatment we receive is professional and personal. I highly recommend her. Also, she doesn’t hesitate to invest in the latest available technology and equipment.”
R.B.G. West Granby, CT

“I have been coming to Dr. Brenner for 12 years. My teeth were a mess because of many years of neglect. Dr. Brenner’s staff got me straightened out and on a regular program of dental maintenance. She also did a wonderful job with my daughter’s braces. Her teeth look beautiful. Well done, and thank you from our whole family.”
J.K. Bristol, CT

Laser Periodontal Surgery (Periolase)
“Concerning the laser surgery performed by Dr. Brenner on my gums, I am truly amazed. I am amazed at the drastic improvement in my gums after only a short time. I am astounded by the absence of pain from the procedure. I was eating fairly regular meals within a week of the surgery without pain. Also the care of my gums and teeth during the transition period is simple and easy to administer. Overall I am very pleased that I decided to go ahead with the procedure.”
J.K. Burlington, CT

“Today I had a tear form in my eye when Dr. Brenner and Nurse Mel cheered when they examined my gums, 24 hours after periodontal surgery. After living with periodontal problems for 20 plus years, I’m now really hopeful that I’ll be able to smile again and actually show my teeth rather than purse my lips to hide how poorly my teeth looked. I had the first surgery 2 weeks ago and I have noticed that people didn’t move back away from me because of the bad breath associated with periodontal disease. Those of us with the problem are very self conscious about bad breath. The bottom line is the surgery is less painful than flap surgery and your mouth heals a lot more quickly. I can feel the affect both physically & psychologically, that I feel like a ‘new man'”
K.B. Canton, CT

“I am a dentist and a friend of Dr. Brenner’s for twenty plus years. This year I switched my dental care to Dr. Bethaney Brenner and her team. I am very glad I did! She is not only a wonderful professional but all of the treatment that I have completed to date has had outcomes beyond my expectations. My treatment began with a very thorough initial exam which included a diagnosis of periodontal status on the decline and necessary restorative treatment I would need. This diagnosis was expertly presented by Dr. Brenner. Since she also understands the connection between oral health and systemic health, she made that information crystal clear to me. I immediately saw the benefits and value of my treatment options. Without question, following Dr. Brenner’s recommendations has immediately impacted my overall well being. Her ability to present this information in a caring manner is a special gift. All of my treatment thus far has been positive and painless emphasizing that the care Dr. Brenner and her team provide is second to none. My confidence in Dr. Brenner as a health care provider extends beyond her clinical skills. I will certainly continue my care at her office for many years to come.”
M.L. Fairfield, CT

“My experience in having chosen Dr. Brenner has been both pleasant and reassuring. Dr. Brenner and her staff have always welcomed me with smiles, and have treated my dental needs with complete satisfaction. Dr. Brenner and her staff were as informative as they could about options or treatments. I feel secure that I will always be taken care of, and always be treated with personal care and dignity. I have already spoken to friends of mine as I refer them to Dr. Brenner as an excellent dental care provider!”
B.P. Burlington, CT

“Dr. Brenner took me on as a new patient when I moved into her area. Dr. Brenner and her office staff welcomed me from the beginning. I never felt more comfortable in a Doctors office. Dr. Brenner and her kind office staff are always considerate of my time. They always smile and laugh with you. It has been about 3 years that I have been a patient of Dr. Brenner’s. I have recommended her to family and friends, and will continue to do so. I have since moved from her area, but continue my dental care at her office, because they all are worth the drive.”
R.S. Bristol, CT

“I have been a patient of Dr. Brenner’s since 1998. During this time I have experienced a multitude of dental issues and concerns. I have always found Dr. Brenner to be patient, thorough, compassionate, and driven to deliver the best possible care for each individual problem. She takes the time to explain all your options as well as being sensitive to both your personal and financial needs. I have found her to be not only extremely professional and personable, but also very current with new procedures and products. I am very fortunate to have found such a dedicated and knowledgeable dentist!”
L.S. Barkhamsted, CT

“WOW Dr. “B” today’s experience was breathtaking. I really appreciate you working with me to straighten out my messy teeth. It’s nice knowing that people with your knowledge can come to my every need including emergency “weekend” trauma. Seriously, thanks for being so kind.”
J.R. Burlington, CT

“I found out about Dr. Brenner through a mailing I received. I have not been to a dentist due to an anxiety I have from past experiences. It was time to go and I needed to find a dentist I could trust. I called and made an appointment. I found out I needed a lot of work done, quickly. I came in for my appointment and everything was explained thoroughly. The procedures were done and I was made very comfortable, and my anxiety was eased. Words can’t express how comfortable I was with everything that was done, but I’m sure it will be that way from now on.”
S.S. Terryville, CT

“I could not be any more confident in a healthcare provider than I am in Dr. Brenner. I am by my own description “The world’s worst dental patient.” I disliked dental treatment so much that I avoided it for many years. Therefore when I finally went in for a visit with Dr. Brenner, I had several teeth with problems. Her skill, confidence, demeanor, and approach made my treatments go very smoothly. Dr. Brenner used great explanations, and was frequent in checking in with me. I felt that she and her staff were really concerned not only that I get my problems fixed, but that it be a good experience for me. The bottom line is that even though I have since moved to Philadelphia, I coordinate visits back to Connecticut in order to continue using Dr. Brenner’s practice for my dental care.”
J.C. Philadelphia, PA

“I have always been lucky with my teeth. Cleanings and fillings were all I had experience with. Then one day I started having problems with a tooth after biting into a cucumber, “of all things.” A friend recommended Dr. Brenner, and her office got me in that day for a consultation. After seeing Dr. Brenner it was decided that the tooth was cracked and we made an appointment to fix it. Two days later, Saturday of course, the pain worsened. When I called Dr. Brenner’s office, expecting an answering service, I was surprised when Dr. Brenner answered herself. We went back and forth several times that day and evening. Dr. Brenner never seemed to mind my calls even as they grew more frantic. When I called Sunday morning, after little relief from the pain medication, she agreed to see me. When I tell people this story, they can’t believe that a dentist actually came in for a patient on a Sunday. Of course let’s not forget that I wasn’t officially a patient yet, but I am now. After trying several other dentists, I have found my dentist for life. Dr. Brenner even called me that Sunday evening to ask how I was feeling. You would have thought she would have been tired of me by then. I have recommended Dr. Brenner to many people since, and I will keep doing so.”
S.H. Terryville, CT

Sedation Dentistry
“At 50 years old and being in a position where my teeth could deteriorate beyond repair I made the decision to see what could be done for me. Being medicated and not feeling anything was what brought me to Dr. Brenner. Everyone made me so comfortable that I believe now I can continue my dental care without being afraid. Besides now I have a beautiful smile for my wedding. Thank you Dr. Brenner and staff, you all rock my world.”
B.E. Litchfield, CT

Orthodontics & Clear Aligners
“Here at Dr. Brenner’s office, I have experienced nothing but pure satisfaction. The staff here is wonderful and took great care of me. I could not ask for anything more, along with my great new smile.”
S.S. Burlington, CT (age 15)

White Composite Fillings
“My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Brenner’s for more than 10 years. From the first consultation, throughout the years of routine dental care, Dr. Brenner’s proactive approach has been exactly what we were looking for. She has helped to identify potential problems before they become issues, and is thoughtful in explaining options and helping to calculate both the best and most cost-appropriate alterations. Over the past year, I have been working with Dr. Brenner and her team to replace old fillings, good timing based on my desire to avoid more serious complications in the future. Again, her proactive approach is what made all the difference.”
E.B. Harwinton, CT