What should I do during a dental emergency?
Do you need urgent dental care? Are you struggling to find an appointment? Call the Burlington Dentist 24/7! Our team is eager to help you. If you experience a dental emergency, please contact us at the office at 860-673-7155, or at 860-670-1814 (cell) if our office is closed. When you contact us, we will work hard to see you immediately and give you advice on what you can do to take care of your smile until you get to our office for professional care. If you are not certain whether it is an emergency or urgent issue, please call or text Dr. Bethaney B. Brenner at the office or the cell number listed above.

How can I take care of a dental emergency?
Until you can come to our office to meet with our dentist, you can help to take care of your smile with the following advice:

• Toothaches: We recommend that you rinse your mouth and remove any food with floss. Then, apply a cold compress to the outside of your mouth.
• Chipped tooth: Rinse the tooth using warm water and apply gauze if there is bleeding. Put a cold compress near the tooth to relieve pain and swelling.
• Knocked-out tooth: Hold the tooth by the crown (or the part of the tooth that is typically visible). Do not rinse the tooth. Simply put it in a container or plastic bag (without tissue or paper towels); you can add water to keep it hydrated.

Dr. Bethaney B. Brenner and our team can offer you further advice based on your emergency. Please contact us if you need dental emergency care in Burlington, Connecticut.