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Looking for preventative measures against decay and cavities? Dental sealants are the answer for you! These are a great way to protect your premolar and molar teeth with a plastic coating applied by your dentist. When there is plaque and bacteria buildup in small crevices on your back teeth, they are at an increased risk of experiencing large cavities.

It also places them at a higher risk of suffering infections in those deep corners, although these teeth are best for chewing food. Be sure to floss and brush twice daily to help in the fight against cavities. Everyone’s biting surfaces have many deep pits, textures, and fissures is worth mention as well.

You can avoid the need for a large inlay or onlay dental filling by having dental sealants applied to the biting surfaces of your back teeth. Dr. Bethaney B. Brenner applies these dental sealants in a simple procedure. This is finalized with a special ultraviolet light to harden the dental sealants, securing them onto the biting surface and preventing bacteria from reaching the root, pulp, or tooth enamel.

An application of sealants will protect your teeth from cavities and other possible infections. Call our dental office here in Burlington, Connecticut, at 860-673-7155 for a consultation or appointment. Let Bethaney B. Brenner, DMD, LLC give you your best, protected smile today with dental sealants!