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Bad breath is an undesirable disorder for everyone involved. Not only can it affect your personal life, but your social life as well. However, bad breath can also be more than just bacterial odors in your mouth, as it can be an indicator of something much more serious. Listed below are some common questions about bad breath:

Bad breath is also known as halitosis.
a.) True
b.) False

What are some treatment options for bad breath?
a.) Brushing and flossing your teeth daily
b.) Visiting your dentist for regular checkups and professional cleanings
c.) Cleaning your mouth by removing all signs of plaque buildup
d.) All of the above

True or False: Bad breath may be the cause of an underlying symptom.
a.) True
b.) False

Which oral health habit can help fight the effects of bad breath?
a.) Smoking cigarettes
b.) Chewing gum
c.) Mouthwash
d.) Both b and c

Answer Key: a, d, a, d

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