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The reason you got those clear Invisalign® aligners were so that people wouldn’t see you with a mouthful of metal, right? So, it is important to keep them invisible by cleaning them in the proper way. Here are a few tips to make that happen.

If you’re not giving them a deep clean, run out now to your local pharmacy or grocery store and get a product that is made to clean dentures, retainers, or aligners. Soak your aligners at least 10-30 minutes for a good deep clean. If you don’t have a store bought cleaning product available, you can make your own with things like peroxide, baking soda, or vinegar. Mix one of these with some water and, voilà!

For quick cleanings simply use any common antibacterial soft soap. It’ll do the trick. Never use toothpaste as it contains an abrasive that my scratch the surface of your aligner. While you may not notice as you’re doing it, your aligners will show the scratches more prevalently when placed on the teeth.

Whenever you can, give your aligners a quick rinse in cool water to wash out any dried saliva and plaque. Anything trapped underneath will cause decay and create an odor. The optimal option is to brush and floss before putting them back in, but this is not feasible all day long. So, do your best to keep food particles from underneath the aligners by rinsing both your aligner and teeth. Cold water only!

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